Lawn aeration is a process in which we remove small plugs of soil and thatch from the ground to improve air flow into the soil. Commonly called “core aeration” by industry professionals, this service improves the health of your lawn and lessens the need for maintenance throughout the year. Some of the main benefits of aeration are:

  • Increases the effectiveness of fertilizers and other lawn care products
  • Air exchange between the atmosphere and soil
  • Increased water absorption
  • Enhanced fertilizer uptake
  • Less water pooling and runoff
  • Stronger root system
  • Less soil compaction
  • Higher tolerance to heat and drought
  • Better resiliency and cushion

While all of these benefits sound great, you’re still probably wondering, “Why does my lawn need aeration?” Walking, mowing, playing, rain, and irrigation all play a role in soil compaction, especially in the top 1-1 1/2 inches of soil. When the soil is compacted, the grass is unable to establish a healthy root system and it is difficult for water and fertilizer to reach the roots.