Spring is coming and it’s time to start thinking about mulching your flower beds for the summer. Our flowerbed mulching services are very useful for you because natural mulch is extremely beneficial for a garden. It traps moisture in the soil so you don’t have to water as often, and it acts as an insulator so your plants’ roots don’t get too hot. (It has the same effect in the winter, keeping plants from getting too cold.) And it suppresses weeds, so you don’t have to weed as often!

What is the Best Natural Mulch?

There are a number of natural mulches out there, with hardwood bark mulch, pine straw and wood mulch most popular. Which is the best choice for your garden?

Using pine straw mulch

Pine straw is good for suppressing weeds. It has a tendency to form a thick mat, and woe to the weed that tries to come up through it.! But pine straw is not for every garden. Over time it can turn your soil acidic and make it difficult to grow anything there. Some plants love acid soil. If your flower bed is primarily made up of these acid-loving plants, then pine straw is not only okay, it’s perfect.

Using hardwood bark mulch

Most people’s gardens grow plants that prefer their soil neutral to sweet (alkaline). Hardwood bark mulch is the best for those plants. It decomposes into a rich, sweet-smelling black dirt, and it looks ever so tidy while doing it. Plus, hardwood bark mulch is the best for amending your soil.

Using wood mulch

Wood mulch is the most popular! It will protect and enhance your landscape with a natural, finished look. By creating a protective barrier around your plants and over soil, wood mulch will help stabilize soil moisture, moderate soil temperatures, and protect plants from drying out. In addition, the mulch will control erosion and moderate weed growth.